About the Vendee

About the Vendée

The Vendée is located on the Western coast of France, to the South of the Loire river and to the North of La Rochelle. Although long a popular holiday destination with the French, the Vendée is only now being discovered by overseas visitors.

The Location of the Vendée makes it convenient for visitors arriving to the Channel Ports, being a far more manageable distance from these than the Dordogne, Cote d’Azur or the South Western coasts, an important consideration for those travelling with babies or younger children.

The Vendée offers a wide range of Places to Go to cover the interests of the entire family.

Famous throughout France for the quality of its Beaches, the region enjoys the second highest number of hours of sunshine in the country. (Climate)

The Vendée boasts some excellent Food and Drink. The cuisine of the region is naturally rich in sea foods, but other specialties include lamb raised on salt mashes, melons and brioche. Wine is produced locally, as is Pineau, an aperitif that, nonetheless, is very drinkable at any time of the day. As with all of France, there is a wide range of restaurants to suit all tastes and budgets.

Finally in this section, you will find more information about Travel to the Vendée.